A look into how combining the proven individual effects of modern marketing and engagement tactics, will help you achieve tremendous impact.

Since the late 1980s I have been fascinated by online experiences and the ways these interfaces grab our attention and drive action. From the first Public Bulletin Boards through our phone line at home in the late 80s, Mosaic and Email at university in the mid 90s, Google search in 2000, to Facebook and YouTube in the mid 2000s, then the iPhone and apps in 2008 are all examples of a natural progression. I also remember playing mobile games…

Erik once again felt abused by the ad stream on his most used digital channels. He had the strange creepy feeling of being listened to on his conversations.


One day Erik was talking to a friend about his life long dream about going hiking in the Chilean mountains. The conversation was over lunch. It was something he hadn’t really talked or reflected on for a while and certainly not made any web searches for in years. Still, the dream awoke again as his friend mentioned cool travel destinations.

The next morning while browsing through the stream of two social media platforms he often used, his jaw dropped. First he got an ad about a special hiking gear package from a local sports chain called “The Adventurer” in…

A Contemporary Fairytale about Digital Transformation

Once upon a time there was an ambitious CEO, Ronald, that wanted show his board that he was innovative and the right man for the company’s future. Digitalization was the big buzz word at the time, and his organization quickly understood that for them it meant becoming a data and AI driven company. One at the time helpers tried and failed to get AI right.

There is more than one Troll hiding in your data lake!

1 The Data Access Troll

First out it was Peter who tried. He was the flamboyant marketer that had told the CEO that this was all about showing short term results and the rest would come in the slipstream. To…

2018 will be remembered as the year privacy regulation hit the business like never before. Your ambitions in analytics, 1:1 marketing and personalized experiences will be run over if you don’t prepare. In this article I’m giving you a guide for how to successfully and legally get your customers permission to activate their data to capture value.

Navigating the privacy landscape for Analytics, Personalization and Privacy is not trivial. Here we present the moves for how to succeed with your data analytics strategy.

I’m sure you’re not surprised if I say that GDPR is the core driving force for the changes. While some believe the changes are just a set of regulatory and technical issues to avoid fines in the EU, the truth is that failure…

5 steps to check if a brand is privacy trustworthy

In The Customer’s Data Revolution I describe how we are witnessing an unprecedented transfer of data ownership from the business to the consumer. The change is driven by government regulation, but is also the result of a rising global consumer awareness around their data use. This is exciting, but how can you really trust that data is used and protected as the companies tell us? After all, most people don’t trust how companies use their data (see for instance this study) so this is important.

As a professional working with protecting important customer data, I here try to give you…

The last few years we have seen a solid stock market growth in tech companies. However, one of the giants really dwarfs the others in a sustainable and future proof way by truly capitalizing on their data and AI capital.

Forecasts predict that Data and AI will account for more than half of world GDP, so companies better start investing smartly in these areas fast. In Make your Data a Source for Peak Growth I introduced a model for efficient data capital management to maximize company returns. …

A Framework for Efficient AI and Data Investments

In 15 years, forecasts predict that more than half of our globe’s growth will be based on a AI and data. The successful will see growth factors higher than 2, but it requires strategic focus, strong governance and long term investment to get there. In this post I describe what it takes for an organization to actually liberate their dormant data and transform it to a capitalized and well managed high gain asset on their balance sheet.

Strategic focus, strong governance and long term investment is needed to stay competitive and shift Data Capital as the most valuable asset on your balance sheet and company evaluation.

The article The Secret of Capturing Value through Digital Transformation triggered several questions from readers on how to actually govern and measure return…

The next 5 years, expect a disruptive transfer of data ownership from the business to the customer. Like the revolutions of the past, the ideas are originating from Europe, but the effects will spill over globally. I think we will at least see a 10% drop in consumer prices depending on industry and market. In this post, I tell you why and 3 strategies to face the new reality.

The next 5 years, expect a disruptive transfer of data ownership from the business to the customer. Like the revolutions of the past, the ideas are originating from Europe, but the effects will spill over globally. The business effects will be massive.

The effects of MNP in Telecom

Let’s start with a cute little data portability case from the past. The European countries introduced Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in the early 2000s as a result of a mandate from…

Imagine you are heading the digital transformation in a traditional business that is delivering services to the consumer (a business like a carrier, a retail chain, an airline etc). Everyone, including the board and the CEO are relying on your recommendations. Smart “advisers” tell you to copy GEs approach to advanced analytics, create business model disruption like Uber and do digital marketing like Zappos.

Sounds familiar? Many traditional organizations are now running their digitalization programs. In reality, these initiatives are about coping with competitive forces (a.k.a. disruption) coming to play into any industry from online business models and new digital…

Kristoffer Kvam

Founder and CEO of SMOC.AI

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